Fido Feedback

lab with fidozoom dog toy

Fidozoom has quickly become a favorite toy of Montana’s, she is our 7 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Whether it is time for her to take a dip in the pool or a day at the beach Fidozoom is the perfect toy. The bright colors are easy for her to find in the water. She jumps right in, eager to bring it back, ready for another throw. I love that is very durable, wiggly, and floats. 


Dena M

zoe with Fidozoom dog toy

Fidozoom is a toy well-liked by both Zoey and me.  It is easy to throw and travels far even if you're not the best thrower!  She burns off a ton of energy by playing with this toy which makes her a tired and happy pup!  


Nancy S

franny with fidozoom dog toy

Franny, our rottweiler, loves it! She can’t get enough of it and it is built so well! It’s in perfect condition after lots of tug and games of fetch!


Claire B.

dog with fidozoom dog toy

Thanks for supplying the best toy today - I had a blast!


Jenna A.

dog running with toy

So, true story... Gipper and Olive had just come back from a walk and were playing in the yard. Dave throws this ball thingy and Gipper goes right for it. Throw after throw Gipper is bringing this thing back and loving it. We start tugging with it. I literally say, "This toy is amazing. Where did you get it?" That's when Dave told me he created it. "No way!" Then he showed me many different versions they created that ultimately led to this. So much attention and thought went into this product that I know it will be a huge success. Not only will I get one for my Gipper, but I will get some for his cousins, too! Great job Dave!!!


Claire F

small dog with fidozoom dog toy

Mikey has been loving Fidozoom since its inception. He loves its bouncyness. It’s especially durable for his terrier teeth. 15/10 would recommend for hours of fetching fun for pupper playtime.


Phyllis M

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