From Our Backyard to Yours...

We are a home-based, family business in NJ!


Our mission is for dogs to be happily engaged interacting with their human and dog pals, with a toy that is safe, fun, and easy to throw. A HAPPY, active dog is a HEALTHY dog!


The idea for Fidozoom was born on a rainy day when our puppy Olive needed to play!  We grabbed an old exercise band, attached three tennis balls, and suddenly our pup was happily zooming around, trying to capture her wiggly new toy.


Olive's many puppy playdates were fascinated with Fidozoom.

After much research and trial & error, we are excited to introduce Fidozoom to your family! 

Fidozoom is latex free, easy to clean, and made from non-toxic TPR rubber, certified SAFETY TESTED to standards for children's toys. Because we know you love your fur-babies! Designed for play, not for chew.


We wish you and your dog(s) many happy hours of FETCH, TUG, TOSS, and CHASE...


From our backyard to yours!

Olive, CEO.jpg

Founder and Chief Inventor, Olive