To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

It's fetch, re-invented!

Unique design that inspires multi-dog play,

Perfect for fetch and tug, 

Triggers prey drive with erratic bounce,

Floats for water play,

Latex-free and non-toxic rubber,

Cleans easily with soap and water!

Throwable, Tuggable, Floatable, Bounceable!

dog playing with fidozoom dog toy

There's nothing like watching our Bear return with flopping Fidozoom in his mouth and asking for more...and more... best new dog toy I've used for exercise in years.  And I was surprised how rugged it is and how easy it was to throw a good distance. If you want both you and your dog to smile for miles-try the Fidozoom.

David Sotnick

labrador retriever with fidozoom dog toy

Fidozoom is Brooke's favorite toy! For those of us who can't throw balls well, fidozoom is easy to toss, and bounces even further creating lots of excitement for the dog. My dog loves the "squishy" feel of it, and will retrieve it again and again. Fidozoom also becomes the perfect catalyst for a natural and primal tug of war with other dogs. Not only do the dogs get much needed exercise, but they get a great dose of doggie socialization. Fidozoom makes my lab a true retriever!!

Lori S.


"Pascale, my awesome Labradoodle, loves to play with Fidozoom with her other hairy friends - they can’t get enough of this toy! They can chase, retrieve, play tug-of-war for long stretches! I’m glad that Fidozoom has been certified not to contain materials unsafe for Pascale. Thank you Fidozoom TEAM!"


Nacho R.

The Bark About Fidozoom...